The Biggest Weakness for Each Top 10 Pick in the NBA Draft

The NBA Draft is finally over with, and now it’s time to look forward. No one is perfect, not even the top 10 picks in this year’s draft. Here are all their biggest weaknesses, no matter how miniscule. 

10. Mikal Bridges

Mikal Bridges’ left hand is a big weak spot in his game. He went 2/9 on drives where he went left last year. NBA defenses will be quick to pick up on that and make Bridges drive left most of the time. Being a catch and shoot player, once he picks up the ball, it’s either a catch or a drive to the right. That’s just too easy for an NBA defender.

9. Kevin Knox

Kevin Knox is a large forward that can stretch the floor. However, he’ll need to pack on some weight to deal with the larger big men in the NBA. His strength and durability could take a hit if he plays in the current shape he’s in. It may slow down his quickness on the offensive end, but he should be able to hold his own against stronger power forwards like Blake Griffin.

8. Collin Sexton

Collin Sexton is a scoring machine but when it comes to creating for others, he’s a little more limited. On a squad with LeBron James, his playmaking ability can take a back seat but opposing teams should pick up on that and try to force him to pass the ball and become a playmaker. Even with LeBron on the floor, a double team here and there could cause a few turnovers.

7. Wendell Carter Jr.

Wendell Carter Jr. is a center who specializes in physical play. Sometimes a little too physical. Foul trouble was a problem for him in college. That may not translate into the NBA where centers are generally bigger and stronger but that also means that Carter will have to adjust to the fact that he can’t bully everybody in the low post. Opposing players may try to force him into fouls around the rim by pump faking or flopping.

6. Mohamed Bamba

The biggest knock on Mo Bamba has always been his motor. If he can’t lock in on every game in a college season, how will he perform on the NBA level over an 82-game season? He’s shown disinterest at times and in the NBA, that just wont cut it. The Magic may try and keep him interested by running plays for him so look for opposing teams to play tight off-ball defense and try to discourage him from getting the ball.

5. Trae Young

Trae Young is a great offensive players and like most great offensive players, that means his defense isn’t quite as great. His smaller and slighter frame makes it harder for him to defend players and that will be more evident against quicker, longer, and more explosive NBA players. Opposing teams may target Young on the defensive end and see how that affects his offensive game.

4. Jaren Jackson Jr.

Jarren Jackson Jr. is good in the post, we know that. But opposing teams will try hard to push him out of the post and make him catch the ball closer to the three-point arc and when that happens, Jackson is much less of an offensive threat. He went 2/10 in isolation shots and his decision making wasn’t great either with 39 assists to 62 turnovers. NBA defenses may look to force Jackson to create offense for his team. 

3. Luka Doncic

For all of his offensive prowess, Luka Doncic certainly needs to get into his offensive sets quicker. Doncic’s play sometimes devolves into a dribbling exhibition that doesn’t get him anywhere. NBA teams might switch on the pick and role with Doncic and live with the big man mismatches it creates.

2. Marvin Bagley III

Marvin Bagley III has shown an inconsistency on the defensive end. Most of it is attributed to his lack of effort and he has shown flashes of defensive intensity and focus. However, there are no off days in the NBA and over a longer 82 game season, Bagley’s focus may waver towards the end of the season. He may be a viable target on defense for teams looking for easy offense through back cuts.

1. Deandre Ayton

Offensively Deandre Ayton is a beast and if you’ve watched his highlights, you’d think he’s a two-way player because of the nice blocks he gets. Not really the case. He has a slow reaction on defense, especially off-ball. For a person with his physical gifts, he has only managed to block 2 shots per 40 minutes. NBA defenses may run backdoor cuts on him to look for easy baskets near the rim.

While every prospect seems to have a weakness, don’t think that the team that drafted them doesn’t know that. They’ll be working hard this offseason to smooth out the rough patches to their game and they may start the season as a much more complete player. In fact, we’ll be surprised if this list is still relevant a few weeks into the season.

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