7 NBA Players That Have Been Arrested for Ridiculous Offenses

In wake of the Charles Oakley incident, where he was arrested in Las Vegas at a casino for trying to pull a chip he wagered off of the table, we’re going to dive deep and take a look at past and former NBA players that have been arrested for something crazy or beyond minuscule.

7. Darius Miles

When you look at this case, much like Oakley’s, you wonder to yourself, “what exactly was he thinking?”

When he brought a loaded gun into an airport, in his suitcase, nonetheless, Miles was arrested and charged with a felony weapons charge. Probably not the best idea to bring a gun, especially loaded, into an airport. You just shake your head. 

6. Latrell Sprewell

This is one of those arrests that was just a waste of time for both Sprewell and the police officer. 

After being arrested for driving on a suspended license, which was suspended after he failed to answer a summons for failing to signal, he paid a fine and was released. If we were all fined for failing to signal at least once in our lives, we’d all be in line waiting to pay. C’mon, this is just idiotic.

5. Patrick Beverley

Patrick Beverley had to miss a shootaround with the Houston Rockets because he was arrested due to an open warrant for a toll road violation. Beverley was stopped by Pearland, Texas police on a road that required an E-Z tag pass, so instead of being ticketed or fined by E-Z pass, he was arrested and released after he paid the fine for the Class C misdemeanor warrant. 

Really? You couldn’t just send him the fine in the mail? You had to actually arrest him for something so small?

4. Taj Gibson

Driving under a suspended license is never OK, let’s make that clear, but Minnesota Timberwolves forward Taj Gibson was pulled over and arrested after he made an illegal U-turn outside of a Queens strip club.  

The result? Gibson was issued a desk appearance ticket. It seems like a colossal waste of time for the NYPD to pull over Gibson for a U-turn, bring him in for a suspended license, and then let him off with pretty much nothing. 

Not really worth it in my opinion. 

3. Gilbert Arenas

Gilbert Arenas is pretty familiar with law enforcement since he’s been arrested a few times, but this one is actually pretty funny.

After being pulled over by the California Highway Patrol for speeding, the cops found more than 100 pounds of fireworks and he was arrested for possessing them without a permit. 

C’mon, it was around July 4 and the guy was just trying to have some fun. The fact that he was facing up to one year in county prison plus a $10,000 fine for having some fireworks is silly.

2. Olden Polynice

This is probably the funniest NBA player arrest I’ve ever heard.

In 2000, Olden Polynice was given an honorary badge by the Los Angeles Police Department, but the former Jazz center took it a little too far. He apparently kept the badge on him and actually tried to use it during two separate occasions, mimicking a police officer and eventually getting him arrested.

Who would’ve thought that badge doesn’t make you a real police officer?

1. Sterling Brown

What happened to Sterling Brown was horrific and can’t be justified in any way, but the reason he’s on this list as the top selection is because of the unjust reason he was arrested.

After police used physical force and a taser on Brown for a parking violation, the video of the arrest went viral, resulting in the Milwaukee Police Department actually apologizing for what happened.

What was once a simple parking violation turned into something much worse, and it’s undeniably absurd that he was cuffed and physically taken down because his car was parked illegally.

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